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Table 3 Univariate cox regression analysis of overall survival and ridge regression coefficients of clinical information and drug resistance signatures in the training dataset

From: An integrated prognosis model of pharmacogenomic gene signature and clinical information for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patients following CHOP-like chemotherapy

Clinical informationUnivariate analysisCoefficient
HR95% CIp value
Age1.031.01–1.049.56 × 10−60.0213
Gender (reference = female)
 Extra nodal sites number1.431.25–1.631.38 × 10−70.1499
 Stage1.521.32–1.753.15 × 10−90.2360
 ECOGa1.541.34–1.771.66 × 10−90.2951
Drug resistance probability
 Doxorubicin3.441.86–6.367.86 × 10−50.8221
 Vincristine2.411.31–4.414.48 × 10−30.0998
  1. aThe Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) performance score ranges from 0 to 3, with a higher score indicating greater impairment
  2. HR hazard ratio, 95% CI 95% confidence interval