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Table 2 Image and clinical symptoms for PCa monitoring

From: Data-driven translational prostate cancer research: from biomarker discovery to clinical decision

Name Type Description PMID
Image features
 Zinc-Specific iCEST MRI Diagnosis Differentiating normal and malignant prostate cells with a high fold-change 31430007
 DCE-MRI Prognosis Reflecting PCa microcirculation and showing correlation with PSA and clinical stage 30327584
 DWI signal Prognosis Providing information for bone metastasis and treatment of mCRPC 28906339
 DWI signal Therapy Monitoring changes in response to androgen deprivation therapy in PCa patients 25415730
 FLT PET/CT Therapy Predicting progression-free survival and promoting immunotherapy for mPCa patients 30700328
 PSMA-derived volumetric parameters Therapy Evaluating whole-body tumor burden and facilitating therapy monitoring for mPCa 28522740
 BSI Prognosis Predicting the survival time of mCRPC patients treated with Abiraterone Acetate 28723520
 aBSI Prognosis Predicting the overall survival of patients with mCRPC 29799999
 BSI, ΔBSI Prognosis Predicting poor overall survival and cancer specific survival 29137438
Clinical symptoms
 Lower urinary tract symptoms Diagnosis The symptoms increase the attention of physicians for PCa diagnosis 23313032
 Lower urinary tract symptoms Therapy The changes are associated with the responses to salvage radiotherapy for biochemical recurrence of PCa 25991382
 Urinary problems, fatigue Therapy Predicting health-related quality of life in PCa patients with localized radiation therapy 30263893
 Sexual dysfunction Therapy This symptom may be caused by the therapy of M0-CRPC 28285412
 Depression Therapy The severity is positively correlated with the duration of androgen deprivation therapy 30651026
  1. PCa prostate cancer, mPCa metastatic prostate cancer, mCRPC metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer, iCEST ion chemical exchange saturation transfer, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, DCE dynamic contrast-enhanced, DWI diffusion-weighted imaging, FLT 3′-Deoxy-3′-18F-fluorothymidine, PET positron emission tomography, CT computed tomography, PSMA prostate-specific membrane antigen, BSI bone scan index, aBSI automated, BSI: ΔBSI elevated BSI change on treatment, PMID PubMed ID