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Table 3 The evidence quality for short-acting and long-acting thiazide diuretics reducing the incidence of kidney stones

From: Use of thiazide diuretics for the prevention of recurrent kidney calculi: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Quality assessmentNo of patientsEffectQualityImportance
No of studiesDesignRisk of biasInconsistencyIndirectnessImprecisionOther considerationsThiazide diureticsPlacebo in recurrent renal calculusRelative (95% CI)Absolute
 3Randomized trialsNo serious risk of biasSeriousNo serious indirectnessSeriousa,bNone27/98 (27.6%)46/101 (45.5%)See comment182 fewer per 1000 (from 50 fewer to 310 fewer)LowImportant
 48%192 fewer per 1000 (from 53 fewer to 326 fewer)
 5Randomized trialsNo serious risk of biasSeriousa,bNo serious indirectnessSeriousa,bNone25/188 (13.3%)73/184 (39.7%)See comment262 fewer per 1000 (from 179 fewer to 349 fewer)LowImportant
 42.9%283 fewer per 1000 (from 193 fewer to 378 fewer)
  1. aThe outcome of one study is no effect
  2. bThe sample size is not large enough