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Table 3 Last measured values after 60 min of cardiac arrest for carotid blood flow, systolic blood pressure, pH, PaO2, ETCO2, plasma potassium, and plasma lactate

From: An impedance threshold device did not improve carotid blood flow in a porcine model of prolonged cardiac arrest

GroupITD group, N = 7Control group, N = 7p values
Carotid blood flow (ml/min)42 (29)50 (40)0.638
Blood pressure (mmHg)58 (31)54 (23)0.763
PaO2 (kPa)11.3 (6.1)10.9 (3.6)0.873
ETCO2 (kPa)3.1 (1.8)2.4 (1.5)0.477
pH7.20 (0.11)7.15 (0.09)0.318
p-Potassium (mmol/l)6.80 (2.90)7.07 (1.99)0.833
p-Lactate (mmol/l)8.03 (1.77)10.23 (3.70)0.177
  1. The values are the means with standard deviation