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Table 2 Number of patients who can be registered in 1 day, depending on various sizes of the existing database

From: Assessment of scalability and performance of the record linkage tool E-PIX® in managing multi-million patients in research projects at a large university hospital in Germany

Registered patientsRegistrations per day
1 million766,026
2 million496,069
3 million375,129
4 million244,452
5 million190,867
6 million178,675
10 million118,845
15 million76,056
20 million45,094
25 million29,990
30 million16,361
  1. The behavior shows reciprocal proportionality as expected. The patients were registered sequentially. In the third benchmark, only 100,000 patients were registered during one cycle in this test. Consequently, the duration of the registration process into a database of 10 million prefilled records was less than a day and, thus, the number of patients was extrapolated. All other numbers are based on the real number of patient registrations with cyclic restarts