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Table 3 Multivariate analysis of factors predicting recurrence-free survival

From: Overexpression of a panel of cancer stem cell markers enhances the predictive capability of the progression and recurrence in the early stage cholangiocarcinoma

VariableRecurrence-free survival
HR95% CIp
Model A
 Primary tumor (T) (III/IV vs I/II)2.4041.537–3.759< 0.001
 Lymph nodes metastasis (N) (Yes vs No)1.4510.944–2.2290.090
 TNM Stage (III/IV vs I/II)1.0250.589–1.7830.931
 CD44 (High vs Low)1.4761.062–2.0510.020
Model B
 Primary tumor (T) (III/IV vs I/II)2.3411.482–3.697< 0.001
 Lymph nodes metastasis (N) (Yes vs No)1.3680.880–2.1260.164
 TNM Stage (III/IV vs I/II)1.0240.579–1.8710.934
 CD44v6 (Pos. vs Neg.)1.3500.975–1.8710.071
Model C
 Primary tumor (T) (III/IV vs I/II)2.6651.686–4.212< 0.001
 Lymph nodes metastasis (N) (Yes vs No)1.4410.934–2.2230.098
 TNM Stage (III/IV vs I/II)0.9330.528–1.6490.810
 CD44v8-10 (Pos. vs Neg.)1.4911.092–2.0360.012
  1. TNM size of primary tumor-node metastasis-distant metastasis, CD44 cluster of differentiation 44, CD44v CD44 variant, Neg negative expression, Pos positive expression