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Table 2 Exhaustive radio-morphologic and molecular data on the evaluated NS nodules approached through FNA bioptic procedures

From: The growth of non-solid neoplastic lung nodules is associated with low PD L1 expression, irrespective of sampling technique

ID#GenderAge at diagnosis (yrs)LobeSegmentSiteDiameter (mm)Density M/NSCytologyHistologyArchitectural patternEGFRALK/EML4 ROSPDL-1 (%)
1M80ILLApicalP15NSADC  wtwt< 1
2M72SLLApicalP35MWell differentiated ADCWell differentiated ADCLepidic (90%) acinar (10%)wtwt< 1
3F70SLLApicalP9NSADC  wtwt< 1
4M72SRLPosteriorP23MADCPartially differentiated ADCLepidic (50%) paillary (30%) acinar (20%)wtwt< 1
5M71ILLApico-posteriorP40MADCPartially differentiated ADCAcinar (40%) papillary (40%) lepidic (20%)wtwt< 1
6M68IRLPosteriorP30MADC  wtwt< 1
7M65IRLApicalP16NSADC  wtwt< 1
8M70SLLLingularP13MADCMucinous ADC, partially differentiatedAcinar (75%) lepidic (20%) micropapillary (5%)wtwt< 1
9M76SLLApicalP30MADC  wtwt< 1
10F63ILLApicalP20MAtypia /ADCWell differentiated ADCAcinar (100%)wtwt< 1
11F70SRLPosteriorP15MADCWell differentiated ADCAcinar (40%) papillary (40%) lepidic (20%)wtwt< 1
12M67SRLPosteriorP24MADCADC, partially differentiated (G2)Lepidic (35%) papillary (35%) micropapillary (30%)wtwt< 1
13F65SRLPosteriorP12MADCADC, partially differentiated (G2)Acinarwtwt< 1
14F71IRLApicalP10MADCADC, partially differentiated (G2)Acinar, lepidicdel ex 19wt< 1
15M67SRLPosteriorP10MADCWell differentiated ADCAcinar, lepidicwtwt< 1
16F81IRLApicalP32NSADCADCacinar, lepidicwtwt< 1
17M78SLLApicalP28NSADCADC, partially differentiated (G2)Lepidic, micropapillarywtwt30
18F69SRLPosteriorP17MADC TTF1+Minimally invasive, partially differentiaLtepdi dAiDc,Cfocus invasive acinar (5 mm)wtwt< 1
19M72IRLPostero-basalP30MWell differentiated ADCADC, partially differentiated (G2)Papillarywtwt< 1
20F71MLBasalP43MADCWell differentiated ADCLepidic, papillarywtwt< 1
21M67SRLApicalP30MADC TTF1+  wtwt2
22M75IRLApicalP13MADC  wtwt5
23F75IRLLatero-basalP15MADC  wtwt< 1
24M75SLLApico-posteriorP15MADCADC, partially differentiated (G2)Lepidic, acinarL858Rwt< 1
26M68SLLSuperioreP12NSADC  wtwt< 1
27F70SRLDorsalP14NSADC  wtwt< 1
28M71IRLApicalP15NSADC  wtwt< 1
29M71SRLMedial-basalP13NSADCADC, partially differentiated (G2)Acinar, intense inflammatory infiltratewtwt< 1
31M78MLMedialPM25NSADC  wtwt< 1
32M62SLLMedialP18NSADCPoorly differentiated ADC (G3)Solid, micropapillary, linfoinvasivewtwt< 1
33M74SRLMedialP22NSADCPartially differentiated ADCAcinar, micropapillarywtwt10
34M75SRLSuperiorP34NSADC  wtwt< 1
35F76SRLApico-posteriorP36NSMucinous ADC  wtwt< 1
36F65IRLApicalP19NSADC  wtwt< 1
37M73SRLApico-posteriorP27NSADCADC, partially differentiated (G2)Lepidic (40%), papillary (30%) micropapillary (30%)wtwt< 1
  1. SRL superior right lobe, ML medial lobe IRL inferior right lobe, SLL superior left lobe, ILL inferior left lobe, P peripheral, M medial, NS non-solid, M mixed, wt wild type