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Table 2 cBioPortal analysis of the 20 genes most closely related to CDKN3

From: Bioinformatics-based screening of key genes for transformation of liver cirrhosis to hepatocellular carcinoma

Gene Cytoband Spearman’s correlation p-value q-value
SPC25 2q24.3 0.86085851 6.68E−111 1.34E−106
CDK1 10q21.2 0.85877853 8.53E−110 8.57E−106
CCNB2 15q22.2 0.85556873 4.02E−108 2.69E−104
NDC80 18p11.32 0.85377317 3.33E−107 1.67E−103
DLGAP5 14q22.3 0.85123904 6.27E−106 2.52E−102
CCNB1 5q13.2 0.84636895 1.52E−103 5.10E−100
NCAPG 4p15.31 0.84493736 7.38E−103 2.12E−99
CENPA 2p23.3 0.84378996 2.59E−102 6.50E−99
TROAP 12q13.12 0.84327453 4.53E−102 1.01E−98
TPX2 20q11.21 0.84187347 2.05E−101 4.12E−98
KIF4A Xq13.1 0.84112657 4.57E−101 8.34E−98
CDCA3 12p13.31 0.83985708 1.76E−100 2.95E−97
HJURP 2q37.1 0.83858943 6.70E−100 1.00E−96
NUF2 1q23.3 0.83854781 7.00E−100 1.00E−96
KIFC1 6p21.32 0.83732595 2.51E−99 3.36E−96
PTTG1 5q33.3 0.83712825 3.08E−99 3.87E−96
SKA1 18q21.1 0.83233493 4.15E−97 4.90E−94
CDC25C 5q31.2 0.83159127 8.75E−97 9.76E−94
NEK2 1q32.3 0.82993815 4.54E−96 4.80E−93
SKA3 13q12.11 0.82253139 5.87E−93 5.89E−90