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Fig. 2

From: Safety, tolerability and immunogenicity of V934/V935 hTERT vaccination in cancer patients with selected solid tumors: a phase I study

Fig. 2

Cell-mediated immune response to hTERT peptide pools 1/2/3 and LTB peptide pool. ad show the changes between antigen-specific ELISPOT responses post-immunization versus the baseline ELISPOT responses at pre-immunization screening (denoted by ∆ELISPOT). Box plots hTERT1/2/3 indicate hTERT peptide pools 1/2/3, respectively. Box plot LTB indicates the LTB peptide pool. Each box plot represents either all patients (a box plots) or individual groups 1–3 (bd). A statistically significant increase in ELISPOT responses following hTERT immunization within each peptide pool (i.e., each boxplot) at significance levels p < 0.05 (or p < 0.01) is indicated by * or **, respectively

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