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Table 2 Clinical data collected from the electronic medical records of the hospital

From: The OncoLifeS data-biobank for oncology: a comprehensive repository of clinical data, biological samples, and the patient’s perspective

General patient informationIdentification number
Date of birth
Date of death
Postal Code
Clinical historyComorbidity, Clinical history of cancer management
ComorbidityThe Adult Comorbidity Evaluation 27 (ACE-27) score
Clinical and pathological diagnosisDate of diagnosis
Tumor type
Radiological images
Clinical TNM classification
Pathological diagnosis
Intention to treat (curative/palliative)
Follow-up status (status dead or alive) and related date
Surgical treatmentType of surgery
Date of surgery
RadiotherapyType of radiotherapy
Date of start radiotherapy
Date of end radiotherapy
Number of fractions and Gy per fraction
Systemic therapyType of treatment
Date of start treatment
Date of end treatment
Scheme of treatment