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Table 1 Participation in the OncoLifeS data-biobank by tumor working group

From: The OncoLifeS data-biobank for oncology: a comprehensive repository of clinical data, biological samples, and the patient’s perspective

Tumor working groupNumber of patientsParticipation rate 2017–2018
Gynecological oncology91094%
Lung oncology83164%
Testicular oncology98100%
Head and neck oncology131964%
Medical oncology/immunotherapy77a
Hematological oncology343a
Neuro-endocrine oncology45a
Bone and soft-tissue oncology36a
Hereditary breast-ovarian cancer45a
  1. Number of patients included and participation rate for a 2 years period (2017–2018)
  2. aNot available, as these groups did include since 2019