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Table 2 Definition of long-term neurocognitive outcomes at ~ 2 years of age

From: Mining multi-site clinical data to develop machine learning MRI biomarkers: application to neonatal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy

i. Continuously-valued outcome Numerical domain scores
BSID-III (Bayley Scale of Infant Development, Version III) Cognitive (ranging 50–150)
Language (ranging 50–150)
Motor (ranging 50–150)
ii. Binary-valued outcome Definition
Developmental delay YES (1) if BSID-III ≤ 85 in any domain OR any documentation by a physician that there is a significant delay in motor, cognitive, or language development that requires intervention; otherwise NO (0)
Cerebral palsy As documented in the EHR by the medical provider
Motor impairment YES (1) if BSID-III ≤ 85 in the motor domain OR any noted motor abnormality documented in the EHR by a medical provider; or NO (0)
Visual/hearing impairment As documented in the EHR by a medical provider