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Table 6 Molecular docking results of HLA-B7 with MHC class-I binding peptides have been given

From: Epitope‐based peptide vaccine design and target site depiction against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus: an immune-informatics study

Sr. MHC class-I binding peptides Docking score Interacting residues
a YKLQPLTFL − 19.1695 Tyr-9, Gln-70, Glu-76, Tyr-99
b LTLLEPVSI − 19.3901 Arg-62, Glu-76, Arg-156
c ESAALSAQL − 19.9914 Arg-62, Asn-63, Gln-70, Glu-152, Gln-155
d IAGLVALAL − 19.0437 Arg-62, Glu-76, Ser-77, Arg-156
e AGYKVLPPL − 20.9793 Asp-114, Gln-115, Lys-146, Glu-152, Arg-156
f WPRPIDVSK − 20.4007 Arg-62, Glu-152, Glu-163, Trp-167
  1. MOE was used for these analyses