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Table 3 MHC class-I allele binding peptides predicted via Propred-I with their antigenicity scores

From: Epitope‐based peptide vaccine design and target site depiction against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus: an immune-informatics study

Sr# Peptides MHC class-I alleles Vaxijen score
1 YKLQPLTFL MHC-Db, HLA-Cw*0301, HLA-B*51, HLA-B*5401, HLA-B*5301, HLA-B*3902, HLA-B*3901, HLA-B*3701, HLA-B14, HLA-A2.1, HLA-A20 Cattle, HLA-A2, HLA-A*0201, HLA-B7 1.3798
2 LTLLEPVSI MHC-Kk, MHC-Kd, HLA-B*5801, HLA-B*51, HLA-B*5103, HLA-B*5301, HLA-B7 0.9748
3 ESAALSAQL MHC-Ld, HLA-Cw*0602, HLA-B60, HLA-B40, HLA-B*3902, HLA-A*3302, HLA-B7 0.7965
4 IAGLVALAL MHC-Db revised, HLA-B8, HLA-B7, HLA-B60, HLA-B*5801, HLA-B*5103, HLA-B*5102, HLA-B*5101, HLA-B*3501 0.7799
5 AGYKVLPPL MHC-Dd, HLA-B7, HLA-B60, HLA-B*5401, HLA-B*5201, HLA-B*5103, HLA-B*5102, HLA-B*5101, HLA-B40, HLA-B*3901, HLA-B*3701, HLA-B*2705, HLA-A*0205, HLA-B14 0.6416
6 WPRPIDVSK HLA-A*1101, HLA-A3, HLA-A68.1, HLA-B*5301, HLA-B*5401, HLA-B*51, HLA-B*0702, HLA-B7 0.6160