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Table 1 Samples analyzed on TaqMan low density array and with advanced qPCR

From: Circulating microRNAs as minimal residual disease biomarkers in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia

SubgroupsDiscovery populationExtended population
BM at Day 0 (n)PB at Day 0 (n)PB at Day 8 (n)PB at Day 33 (n)PB at Day 0 (n)PB at Day 8 (n)PB at Day 15 (n)PB at Day 33 (n)
De novo ALL
Relapsed ALL55      
Control 10  10   
  1. Sampling dates are marked as days of the induction chemotherapy cycle
  2. BM bone marrow, PB peripheral blood
  3. aNormal karyotype: no alteration on FISH, DNA index diploid and cytogenetics normal or unsuccessful