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Fig. 1

From: Decreased plasma phospholipid concentrations and increased acid sphingomyelinase activity are accurate biomarkers for community-acquired pneumonia

Fig. 1

Plasma lipid reprogramming is greater in CAP than COPD and normalizes in CAP with treatment. Principal component analysis (PCA) based either on concentrations of the 111 lipid analytes that passed the quality screen shown in this figure or on the 47 metabolic indicators. Each circle represents the centroid of all samples in the respective group/time point. a Analysis based on concentrations of all 111 lipid analytes; b lysoPC only; c PC only; d SM only; e AC only; f metabolic indicators. g Mean Euclidian distances on day 1 between CAP or COPD and Controls, based on all lipid analytes, each subclass, or on the metabolic indicators. Metabolites: AC, acylcarnitines; lysoPC, lysophosphatidylcholines; PC, phosphatidylcholines; SM, sphingomyelins

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