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Table 1 Description of clinical characteristics and their values

From: Prognostic nomogram for bladder cancer with brain metastases: a National Cancer Database analysis

Clinical variablesDescriptionValues
AgeAge of the patient at diagnosis< 65 years or ≥ 65 years
SexThe gender of the patientMale or female
RaceThe primary race of the personWhite, black or others
GradeDescribes the tumor’s resemblance to normal tissue (coded according to ICD-O-3)Well differentiated, poorly differentiated or Unknown
Tumor_StageNCDB analytic stage identifies the clinically or pathologically determined size and/or extension of the primary tumor (cT) as defined by the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC)High (Stage III, IV) or low (Stage I, II)
Lymph_nodesIdentifies the clinically-determined absence or presence of regional lymph node metastasis and describes the corresponding extent as defined by the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC)Yes, no or unknown
HistologyIndicate the pathological histology of tumor cells (coded according to ICD-O-3)Transitional cell carcinoma, papillary urothelial carcinoma, small cell carcinoma or others
Lymph_Vas_invasionIndicate the presence or absence of tumor cells in lymphatic channels (other than lymph nodes) or blood vessels within the primary tumor as noted microscopically by the pathologistYes, no or unknown
Met_BoneIndicate the presence of distant involvement of bone at the time of diagnosisYes or no
Met_LiverIndicate the presence of distant involvement of liver at the time of diagnosisYes or no
Met_LungIndicate the presence of distant involvement of lung at the time of diagnosisYes or no
Surgery_PrimaryRecords the surgical procedure and approach performed to the primary siteMinimal invasive surgery, non-minimal invasive surgery or no surgery
ChemotherapyRecords of chemotherapy administrated as first course treatmentYes or no
Radiation_TherapyAnatomic target volume is directed at tumors lying within the substance of brain or its meningesYes or no
Paliative_CareAny care provided an effort to palliate or alleviate symptomsYes or no
Brain_Confined_MetIndicate the presence of distant involvement of brain only or brian combined with other organs at the time of diagnosisBrain confined or non-brain confined
CDCC_ScoreCharlson/Deyo Score, a weighted score derived from the sum of the scores for each of the comorbid conditions listed in the Charlson Comorbidity Score Mapping Table (source–3
Surgery_MetRecords the surgical removal of distant lymph nodes or other tissues or organs beyond the primary siteYes or no