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Fig. 3

From: The clinical characteristics and molecular mechanism of pituitary adenoma associated with meningioma

Fig. 3

Correlation analysis and Cytoscape pathway act network by transcription microarray: a correlation plot showed the correlation between each sample. The brightness of the color represents the degree of correlation between the samples. Red indicates high correlation and blue indicates low correlation; b heat map shows the expression profiles of mRNAs between pituitary adenoma samples of PAM and SPA samples (FC > 2 or < 0.5 and P < 0.05), each row represents a single mRNA, and each column represents one sample. Red indicates high expression and green indicates low expression; c go annotation of differentially expressed mRNAs with the enrichment covering domains of biological processes, cellular components and molecular functions; d IPA pathway analysis of mRNAs enriched in the top thirty pathways according to the P-value; e Cytoscape pathway act network: Pathway act network according to the overlap of common differentially expressed molecules in top 15 significant canonical pathways. The node color is associated with pathway status. Red indicates that the signaling pathway is activated contrast to green indicates that the signaling pathway is suppressed. Grey indicates that the pathway is unpredicted

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