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Fig. 3

From: Mild hyperthermia by MR-guided focused ultrasound in an ex vivo model of osteolytic bone tumour: optimization of the spatio-temporal control of the delivered temperature

Fig. 3

T1w 3D MPR MR images of the experimental setup, with a sample positioned for MR-guided HIFU hyperthermia. a, b Magnified images perpendicular and parallel to the tibia, respectively, square FOV 128 mm. c Axial image illustrating the HIFU transducer and the targeting of the lesion. Embedded legend: 1: intracortical tip of optical fiber, 2: cortical bone, 3: medulla, 4: tissue mimicking gel, 5: muscle, 6: ultrasonic gel, 7: degassed water, 8: spherical transducer

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