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Table 1 Participants’ visit and evaluation schedule

From: The natural course of unruptured intracranial aneurysms in a Chinese cohort: protocol of a multi-center registration study in CIAP

Visit number Screening period Follow-up period
1 2 3 4
Research arrangement Screening 90 ± 14 days 180 ± 30 days 365 ± 30 days
Informed consent    
Selection criteria    
Baseline information    
History of disease and history of medicine taking    
Medicine taking  
Symptoms and physical examination
Routine blood test    
Blood sugar    
Blood lipid    
Vascular ultrasound   
mRS score
HAMA score
End point evaluation  
Adverse event evaluation  
  1. Participants should visit at least once a year after 1 year
  2. CT computed tomography, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, CTA CT angiography, MRA magnetic resonance angiography, DSA digital subtraction angiography, mRS score modified Rankin scale score, HAMA score Hamilton anxiety score