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Table 2 Collagen as a prognostic factor for cancer patients

From: The role of collagen in cancer: from bench to bedside

Subtype Condition Cancer Associated clinical significance References
COLI Intactness Colorectal cancer Changes dynamically at stages I to IV, peaking at stage II [249]
Intactness Prostate cancer Metastasis [250]
COL1A1 Breast cancer Development and progression along with COL3A1 and COL4A1 [251]
COL1A2 Colorectal cancer Proliferation, migration, and invasion [252]
COL1A2 Hepatocellular cancer Metastasis [253]
N-terminal telopeptide NSCLC Overall survival [254]
N-terminal telopeptide Head and neck SCC Overall survival along with N-terminal telopeptide of COLIII [255]
Pyridinoline crosslinked C-terminal telopeptide (serum) Breast cancer Recurrence [256]
N-terminal telopeptide (urine) Breast cancer with bone metastases Survival prognosis with zoledronic acid treatment for 3 months [257]
COLII COL2A1 High-grade serous ovarian cancer Recurrence [258]
COL2A1 Chondrosarcoma Frequent mutations [259]
COLIII COL3A1 Breast cancer Irregular margin status and mitotic activity [260]
COLIV Intactness Advanced gastric carcinoma The depth of wall penetration and stage [261]
Intactness Oral SCC Positive lymph node status [262]
Intactness Colorectal cancer Liver metastases [263]
7S domain (serum) Hepatocellular carcinoma Intractable ascites [264]
COL4A1 PDAC Aggressive progression [265]
COL4A1 (urine) Bladder cancer Recurrence [266]
COL4A3 Gastric carcinomas Cancer size, lymphatic invasion, venous invasion, TNM stage, and histologically distinction [267]
COLV Intactness Resected NSCLC Overall survival [268].
COLVI COL6A1 Cervical cancer Overall and recurrent-free survival [269]
COLXI COL11A1 Esophageal SCC Advanced clinical stage and lymph node metastases [270]
COLXIII COL13A1 (urine) Bladder cancer Recurrence [266]
COLXVII Intactness Colorectal cancer Invasion and metastasis [271]
Intactness SCC Invasion [272]
Intactness Colon cancer Metastasis [273]
COLXXIII Intactness (tissue and urine) NSCLC Recurrence [274]