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Fig. 3 | Journal of Translational Medicine

Fig. 3

From: Undetectable circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) levels correlate with favorable outcome in metastatic melanoma patients treated with anti-PD1 therapy

Fig. 3

Heatmap showing mutation status and ctDNA longitudinal follow up of individual patients at different points in time during pembrolizumab treatment grouped by BOR [CR, PR, SD, PD exclusively in CNS, PD and not evaluable (NE)] according to irRC. Each row is an individual patient and each column is a time point during follow up (every 3 weeks when pembrolizumab was administrated). The number of pembrolizumab administrations is marked in the black boxes. The grey boxes signify stop of treatment with pembrolizumab. ctDNA levels are marked by green boxes (undetectable), orange boxes (1–499 ctDNA copies per ml of plasma) and red boxes (> 500 ctDNA copies per ml of plasma). Time points at which there was no evaluation of ctDNA are shown in white color

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