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Table 1 Settings for the dynamic agitation platform of the Scinus cell expansion system

From: Preparing for cell culture scale-out: establishing parity of bioreactor- and flask-expanded mesenchymal stromal cell cultures

Parameter Dimension Setting Description
Max angle Degrees (°) 180 Maximum rotation angle of the platform along its longitudinal axis. 180° results in a completely vertical position on both sides
Speed (°/second) 90 Speed of rotation of the platform along its longitudinal axis
Acceleration (°/second2) 90 Acceleration of the platform until the designated speed is achieved
Deceleration (°/second2) 90 Deceleration of the platform until the speed is 0°/s
Vertical pause (seconds) 10 Vertical hold time when the rotation has achieved the maximum angle, after which the platform rotates in the opposite direction. Used to let microcarriers settle and minimize shear
Horizontal pause (time, e.g. hours) One hour pause after every 7 h of agitation Hold time in horizontal (rest) position, used to optimise bead-to-bead transfer