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Table 3 Summary of questionnaire and open-ended responses in study 2 (n = 66)

From: A mixed-methods evaluation of a community physical activity program for breast cancer survivors

Questionnaire item % reported
 < 10 km away 84
 10 km to 19 km away 11
 > 20 km away 4
Self-reported attendance
 Once per month or less 24
 2 to 3 times per month 3.0
 2 to 3 times per week 67
 4 or more times per week 6.1
Self-reported participation
 I didn’t attend Curves 15
 I dropped out of Curves after trying it 7.6
 I sporadically attended Curves 14.4
 I attended Curves as much as I could 63
Reasons for drop-out
 Poor perception of the program characteristics (e.g., loud music, staff rapport, and ‘gossip’ among members) 44
 Preference for other activities 33
 No physical or mental health benefits attained 12
 Distance to a physical activity program location 11
Involvement in Curves™ (“Agree” and “Highly Agree”) % reported
 Extent that the program met your needs 76
 Satisfaction with service received 89
 If you were to continue to exercise at a fitness facility, would you choose Curves again? 76
Favorable program characteristics % reported
 Variety and flexibility of opportunities 29
 Positive social influences (staff, members) 22
 Program and circuit specifics (e.g., duration, intensity, free cost) 22
 Specific women-only focus 11
 Quick physical and mental health outcomes 8
 Proximity and location 7
Barriers to program % reported
 Lack of interest (e.g., repetitious, boring and limited exercises) 35
 Distance/location and limited hours of operation 23
 Lack of support from staff and negative social atmosphere 13
 Poor music (too loud and genre) 11
 Lack of motivation 6
 Cost to continue 2
 Lack of time 4