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Table 1 OC-related gene chip information

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Overexpression of microRNA-195-5p reduces cisplatin resistance and angiogenesis in ovarian cancer by inhibiting the PSAT1-dependent GSK3β/β-catenin signaling pathway

Accession Platform Organism Sample
GSE54388 GPL570 Homo sapiens 6 normal human ovarian surface epithelium and 16 serous ovarian cancer tumor epithelial
GSE40595 GPL570 Homo sapiens 6 normal ovarian surface epithelium samples and 32 samples of epithelial component from high grade serous ovarian cancer patients
GSE38666 GPL570 Homo sapiens 12 normal ovarian surface epithelium and 18 ovarian cancer epithelium
GSE18520 GPL570 Homo sapiens 53 papillary serous ovarian adenocarcinoma tumor specimens and 10 normal ovarian surface epithelium
GSE14407 GPL570 Homo sapiens 12 healthy ovarian surface epithelia samples were compared to 12 serous ovarian cancer epithelia samples
  1. OC ovarian cancer