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Table 1 Pathway analysis main findings: gene set enrichment analysis based on 438 miRNA target genes

From: miRNA deregulation targets specific pathways in leiomyosarcoma development: an in silico analysis

Pathway Overlap FDR Genes Database
RNA polymerase III functions
 RNA polymerase III transcription termination 4/23 0.0014 NFIC; POLR3G; POLR3H; POLR2K REACTOME
 RNA polymerase III chain elongation 3/18 0.0067 POLR3G; POLR3H; POLR2K REACTOME
 tRNA modification in the nucleus and cytosol 4/39 0.0102 URM1; ADAT1; LCMT2; OSGEP REACTOME
 RNA polymerase III transcription 4/41 0.0121 NFIC; POLR3G; POLR3H; POLR2K REACTOME
 RNA polymerase III 3/32 0.0324 POLR3G; POLR3H; POLR2K KEGG
Synaptic neurotransmission
 Dopaminergic synapse 9/129 0.0022 KCNJ6; ATF6B; KCNJ9; PPP2R2D; CACNA1A; GRIN2B; CREB5; GNG13; MAPK13 KEGG
 Synapse formation and maturation (LGI-ADAM interactions) 3/14 0.0032 CACNG8; ADAM22; CACNG2 REACTOME
 Depolarization of the presynaptic terminal triggers the opening of calcium channels 2/13 0.0318 CACNA1A; CACNG2 REACTOME
 Neurotransmitter receptor binding and downstream transmission in the postsynaptic cell 7/142 0.0370 CACNG8; KCNJ6; KCNJ9; GRIK3; CACNG2; GRIN2B; GNG13 REACTOME
 Morphine addiction 5/91 0.0496 KCNJ6; KCNJ9; CACNA1A; GABRG1; GNG13 KEGG
Other pathways
 Extrinsic pathway of fibrin clot formation 2/5 0.0046 F7; TFPI REACTOME
 Chemokine receptors bind chemokines 5/56 0.0075 CCL22; CCL7; ACKR2; CXCL2; CXCL16 REACTOME
 TP53 regulates transcription of genes involved in G1 cell cycle arrest 2/13 0.0318 CCNE1; ZNF385A REACTOME
 Regulation of TP53 activity through association with co-factors 2/14 0.0366 ZNF385A; TP73 REACTOME
 Hematopoietic cell lineage 5/88 0.0440 FCER2; CSF2; TFRC; ITGA1; CD3E KEGG
 Protein digestion and absorption 5/90 0.0477 COL1A1; SLC6A19; COL3A1; COL12A1; SLC8A2 KEGG
  1. FDR false discovery rate