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Fig. 3

From: Role of MAML1 in targeted therapy against the esophageal cancer stem cells

Fig. 3

Expressional analysis of stem cell markers. Compared to the control cells (CD44−), the CD44+-enriched CSCs overexpressed NANOG, SOX2, and OCT4. Moreover, the isolated CD44+ cells overexpressed SALL4, DPPA2, and BMI1. Additionally, CD44V3, CD44V6, and CD44S, three CD44 isoforms were overexpressed in these CSCs. MAML1 a major factor in the transcription mechanism, and the NOTCH target genes HES1, HEY1, and HEY2 were overexpressed. Expression of PYGO2, a major component of the WNT transcription mechanism, was normal

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