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Fig. 1

From: Influence of gene modification in biological behaviors and responses of mouse lung telocytes to inflammation

Fig. 1

Characteristics of primary lung telocytes (TCs). a, b Telocytes with telopodes (black arrow heads), c positive staining of c-kit (green), and telopodes (white arrow heads), d positive staining CD34 (green), and telopodes (white arrow heads), e nuclear staining with DAPI, f positive staining of vimentin (red), g positive staining of CD34 (green), h merge of DAPI, vimentin, and CD34, i telopode ultrastructure (Tp), j organelle and cell membrane, k mitochondrial (black arrows), mitochondrial vacuoles (white arrow head) and endoplasmic reticulum (black arrow head) in the cytoplasm, and l microvilli under TEM

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