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Table 2 Circular RNAs in cancers

From: Analysis of the role of the Hippo pathway in cancer

Circular RNAs Function Cancer Mechanism References
circ_104075 Promoted cancer growth Hepatocellular Up-regulate YAP expression [59]
hsa_circ_0023404 Promoted the proliferation and promoted the cell-cycle progression suppressed cell migration and invasion Colorectal Activated YAP pathway in CC via promoting TFCP2 expression by sponging miR-136 [60]
circPVT1 An increase of the malignant phenotype Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Binding to YAP [64, 65]
circLARP4 Inhibits cancer cell migration and invasion Gastric Regulation of miR-424/LATS1/YAP signaling pathway [66, 67]