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Fig. 5

From: Clusterin silencing restores myoblasts viability and down modulates the inflammatory process in osteoporotic disease

Fig. 5

Effect of CLU silencing on OP and OA myoblasts: a RT-PCR analysis of CLU expression in OA and OP myoblasts transfected with CLU siRNA. The efficiency of CLU silencing was confirmed by RT-PCR. The transfection determined a strong down-regulation of CLU expression both in OA and in OP cells (p < 0.01). b Effect of CLU silencing on OP and OA myoblasts proliferation. Cells were seeded and 24 h after seeding cells were transfected with CLU siRNA. CLU siRNA transfection determined an increase of proliferation only in OP myoblasts (siRNA vs scramble: p < 0.05); conversely, in OA myoblasts we noticed a decrease of proliferation 72 h after transfection (siRNA vs scramble: p < 0.05). (**p < 0.01; *p < 0.05)

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