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Fig. 2

From: Clusterin silencing restores myoblasts viability and down modulates the inflammatory process in osteoporotic disease

Fig. 2

Acetyl histone H4 and CLU expression in OP and OA muscle tissue and myoblast isolated from the same patients: acetyl histone positivity determined by IHC in OP (a) and OA (b) muscle tissues. A strong immunostaining was observed in 45% of nuclei of OP tissues (p < 0.001) indicating the active DNA transcription in the attempt to repair muscle damage. On the contrary only 1% of the nuclei of OA tissues were positive. Immunostaining of CLU was performed both in muscle tissue and in isolated myoblasts of OP (ce) and OA (df) patients (arrows indicate CLU positivity in degenerated fibers of OP muscle tissue). qRT-PCR analysis of sCLU expression was performed in OP-OA muscle tissues (g) and in OP-OA isolated myoblasts (h). The IHC, ICC and qRT-PCR analysis showed a strong CLU expression in OP muscle tissue and isolated myoblasts (*** p < 0.001; * p < 0.5)

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