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Table 2 Relative expression of exosomal miRNAs in CRPS patients undergoing plasma exchange (PE)

From: Exosome microRNA signatures in patients with complex regional pain syndrome undergoing plasma exchange

  1. Relative expression of exosomal miRNAs in six CRPS patients pre and post-PE were determined using a Taqman low density array. The significance was determined using two-tailed paired t-test for comparison of pre- and post-plasma exchange samples and by a two-tailed independent t-test for comparison of other experimental groups. A p-value threshold of 0.05 and a fold-change of 2 were used to select significantly differentially expressed miRNAs between experimental groups
  2. Log2fc: Log 2 fold change, orange red: downregulation, green: upregulation, Rb: responders before PE, Nb: non-responders before PE, Ra: responders after PE, Na: non-responders after PE, Na-Nb/Ra-Rb (miRNA changes in non-responders over responders as a result of PE)