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Fig. 6

From: Delivery of oncolytic vaccinia virus by matched allogeneic stem cells overcomes critical innate and adaptive immune barriers

Fig. 6

Patient-specific immunological barriers to the Trojan horse can limit the therapeutic potential of both genetically attenuated and wild type vaccinia virus strains. a Fluorescence imaging analysis of 20 k eGFP-labelled RM20 ADSC co-cultured with 20 k L14 virus (MOI of 1) for up to 48 h in the presence of 250 k PBMC from the resistant SIBD01 or permissive SIBD02 blood donors. Stem cells were infected with the virus at the time of coculture with the PBMC or were pre-infected for 1 h in 37 °C incubator with constant shaking and then added to the PBMC without washing away any unbound virus. b Plaque analysis of vaccinia virus amplification in 2–20 k ADSCs + PBMC cocultures as in a. Data represent means and SD based on independent duplicate wells and show comparison of parallel infection with the genetically attenuated L14 and wild type WT1 vaccinia virus. Bars represent duplicate measurements ± SD. Statistically significant differences (Student T-test, p < 0.05) versus same number of stem cells infected in the absence of allogeneic PBMC are indicated with asterisks

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