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Fig. 1

From: Osteoclastic expression of higher-level regulators NFATc1 and BCL6 in medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw secondary to bisphosphonate therapy: a comparison with osteoradionecrosis and osteomyelitis

Fig. 1

Whole slide Imaging. ac illustrate the procedure of virtual microscopy. The figure shows an H&E stained MRONJ (BP) section. Section scanning was performed by using a Pannoramic 250 Flash III Scanner (3DHISTECH Kft., Budapest, Hungary). Pannoramic Viewer (3DHISTECH Kft., Budapest, Hungary) was used for virtual microscopy. Visual fields were set within the scanned sections (a rectangle). b shows a visual field. c Caption within a visual field. Regions of interest were marked and the included area was determined (c area within green line). Arrows tag the location of osteoclasts

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