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Table 1 Included microarray datasets after quality control

From: Bioinformatics-based discovery of the urinary BBOX1 mRNA as a potential biomarker of diabetic kidney disease

Microarray datasets Number Resources Platforms
DKD glomeruli 7 GSE47185 U133 Plus 2.0
Normal glomeruli 40 GSE37460 GSE47185 GSE20602 GSE21785 U133 Plus 2.0 U133A
DKD tubules 11 GSE47185 U133 Plus 2.0
Normal tubules 22 GSE47185 GSE35487 U133 Plus 2.0 U133A
Normal bladder 23 GSE7476 GSE11783 U133 Plus 2.0
Polymorphonuclear leukocytes (UTI) 5 GSE18810 U133 Plus 2.0
Bladder cancer 19 GSE7476 GSE24152 U133 Plus 2.0