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Fig. 1

From: DRAP: a toolbox for drug response analysis and visualization tailored for preclinical drug testing on patient-derived xenograft models

Fig. 1

The overview of DRAP. The emerging PDX trial settings could be classified into four patterns: 1*A*N, T*1*N, T*A*1 and T*A*N. Each pattern has its own specific study purpose, and type of input data. DRAP offers three ways to analyze drug response: statistical analysis methods that assess difference of tumor volume between arms are suitable to 1*A*N and T*A*N; tumor growth inhibition (TGI) rate calculation is useful for 1*A*N, T*1*N, and T*A*N; drug response level analysis is suitable to all four patterns. DRAP provides multiple types of tools to present results, including line chart, waterfall plot, and bar diagram

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