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Fig. 4

From: An integrative genomic analysis of transcriptional profiles identifies characteristic genes and patterns in HIV-infected long-term non-progressors and elite controllers

Fig. 4

WGCNA analysis of MADNT expression data. a Gene co-expression modules. Genes that can not be clustered into one of these modules are assigned to the grey module. Every gene represents a line in the hierarchical cluster. Distance between two genes is shown as height in the y axis. Different colors represent different modules. b Module-trait relationship. The top value in each square shows the correlation between the module eigengene and the outcome (disease progression). The brightness of the color means the tightness of correlation. The bottom value is p value of each correlation. c Visualization of the three modules (left: grey60 module; middle: purple module; right: tan module) highly correlated with disease progression with p value less than 0.05 by Cytoscape. Green nodes denote down-regulated genes in NPs. The color intensity of each node represents the centrality of gene in the network. The width of each edge represents betweenness

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