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Fig. 2

From: Translational control mechanisms in cutaneous malignant melanoma: the role of eIF2α

Fig. 2

eIF2α sequence analysis and eIF2α-flag expression and localization in 293T transfected cells. a eIF2α sequence analysis using the program cNLS mapper. The sequence analysis indicated the presence of a predicted bipartited NLS from the amino acid position 182 to the 216. SMART program identify an S1 domain, typical of proteins interacting with RNA. NES analysis using the NetNES 1.1 Server revealed the presence of one nuclear export signal localized at position 168. b Western blotting of the total cell extract from 293T cells transfected with a pCMV-flag vector, pCMV-flag-eIF2α vector and not transfected cells stained with anti-Flag M2 antibody and anti-total eIF2α antibody. c Western blotting of the cytoplasmic and nuclear fraction from 293T cells transfected with pCMV-flag-eIF2α vector and M3 melanoma cells, stained using an anti-total eIF2α antibody. β-tubulin antibody was used to demonstrate the purity of the nuclear and cytoplasmic fractions

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