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Table 2 The survival analysis result of all datasets

From: Identification of a small mutation panel of coding sequences to predict the efficacy of immunotherapy for lung adenocarcinoma

DatasetMutation panelsLog-rank pCox paHazard ratio (95% CIs)a
Matthew106-CDS0.00180.00293.35 (1.51–7.42)
324-gene0.00420.00572.65 (1.33–5.28)
341-gene0.01350.01562.20 (1.16–4.17)
24-gene0.02830.03122.04 (1.07–3.89)
Rizvi106-CDS0.00200.00505.06 (1.63–15.69)
324-gene0.01370.02083.74 (1.22–11.46)
341-gene0.12330.11932.06 (0.83–5.14)
  1. aCox p value and Hazard ratio (95% CIs) were generated by the univariate Cox proportional hazards model