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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of patients with graft failure

From: Risk factors influencing survival of acellular porcine corneal stroma in infectious keratitis: a prospective clinical study

Cause of graft failureIndicationsLesion sizeb (mm)Graft size (mm)Graft survival time (months)Prognosis
Infection recurrence
 1Fungal3.397.500.2Repeated PK
 2Fungal6.018.500.1Repeated PK
Graft meltinga
 8dAcanthamoeba5.608.254.3Repeated PK
 9eFungal5.897.755.0Repeated PK
Extensive graft neovascularization
  1. HSK herpetic simplex viral keratitis, PK penetration keratoplasty
  2. aNoninfectious graft melting
  3. bLesion size reported as the equivalent circular diameter
  4. cGraft melting caused by persistent epithelial defect
  5. dGraft melting caused by extensive inflammation
  6. eGraft melting caused by neovessel ingrowth