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Table 1 Causative pathogens in 32 patients with bacterial meningitis

From: Phosphatidylcholine PC ae C44:6 in cerebrospinal fluid is a sensitive biomarker for bacterial meningitis

PathogenN (%)
 S. pneumoniae12 (36)
 S. pyogenes1 (3.0)
 S. salivariusa1 (3.0)
 S. anginosusa1 (3.0)
 S. aureus3 (9.1)
 S. epidermidisa2 (6.1)
 S. hominisa1 (3.0)
 S. warneria1 (3.0)
 N. meningitides3 (9.1)
 Listeria monocytogenes3 (9.1)
 H. influenzae1 (3.0)
 E. coli1 (3.0)
 Micrococcus luteusa1 (3.0)
 Peptostreptococcus sp.a1 (3.0)
 Bacillus sp.a1 (3.0)
  1. N= 33 isolates due to coinfection. Additional coinfections (second pathogens not included in the analysis): S. pneumoniae/HSV-2, L. monocytogenes/Borrelia burgdorferi
  2. aPathogen commonly considered opportunistic and treated as such in Fig. 2