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Table 1 Summary of the results from 29 included articles identified in a systematic review of the literature

From: Ovarian function and reproductive outcome after ovarian tissue transplantation: a systematic review

Study designParticipants underwent ovarian tissue transplantationInterventionTime of procedureFollow up (median range)Outcome(s)(Author, year)
Case reportA woman with diagnose of anal cancerAuto-transplantation/frozen tissue30.5 years225 daysOvarian function by follicle growth and FSH, LH and E2Dittrich et al. 2008 [15]
Technical noteA woman with diagnose of Hodgkin disease and relapseAuto-transplantation/frozen tissue33 yearsNot reportedOvarian function, fertility and pregnancyDittrich et al. 2012 [16]
Retrospective analysis11 women with hematological malignancy, four with Brest cancer, tree with anal cancer and two with ovarian cancerAuto-transplantation/frozen tissueMean age 34.2 yearsOngoing to date of studyOvarian function and pregnancyDittrich et al. 2015 [17]
Case reportA woman with diagnose of Hodgkin’s lymphomaAuto-transplantation/frozen tissue32 years1 yearOvarian activity with FSH, E2 and LH, fertilityMuller et al. 2012 [18]
Case reportA woman with diagnose of primary Sjogren’s syndromeAuto-transplantation/frozen tissue42 years244 daysFollicular developmentWølner-Hanssen et al. 2005 [19]
Case reportA woman with diagnose of invasive ductal breast carcinomaAuto-transplantation/frozen tissue44 years7 monthsOvarian function by hormonal assay and follicular development, pregnancyBurmeister et al. 2013 [20]
Case reportA woman with diagnose of b-thalassemiaAuto-transplantation/frozen tissue29 years12 monthsRestoration of ovarian function, pregnancy, and live birthRevelli et al. 2013 [21]
Case reportA woman with papillary thyroid carcinoma and metastases of neck lymph nodeAuto-transplantation/frozen tissue26 years2 yearsOvarian function by FSH, LH, E2 and AMH and pregnancyKiseleva et al. 2015 [22]
Case reportA woman with diagnose of sickle-cell anemiaAuto-transplantation/frozen tissue27 years4 yearsOvarian function by hormonal level, follicular development and menstrual cycle, pregnancy and live birthDemeestere et al. 2015 [10]
Case reportA woman with diagnose of Ewing’s sarcomaAuto-transplantation/frozen tissue28 years5 yearsPregnancy and live birthErnst et al. 2010 [23]
Case reportA woman with Hodgkin lymphomaAuto-transplantation/frozen tissue30.5 years5 yearsRestoration of ovarian function, fertility and pregnancy outcomeOktay et al. 2011 [24]
Prospective cohortA woman with thalassemiaAuto-transplantation/frozen tissue29 years6.5 yearsGonadal function by FSH, AMH and E2 levelsBiasin et al. 2015 [25]
Prospective cohortFour women aged 46–49 year with abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo oophorectomy for uterine leiomyomasAuto-transplantation/fresh and frozen tissue46–49 years1 yearOvarian function by serum E2 and FSH and follicular growthCallejo et al. 2001 [26]
Case reportThree patient of 20, 15 and 12-year old women with diagnose of β-thalassemia major, homozygous sickle cell anemia and AML, respectively underwent chemotherapy and TBI before BMTAllo-transplantation/fresh tissueRespectively 35, 32, 321 yearOvarian function by hormonal level and follicular developmentDonnez et al. 2010 [27]
Prospective cohortThree women were included; a 23-years old woman with colorectal cancer dukes b2, 34 years old woman with infiltrating lobular carcinoma and 29 years old woman with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, mixed-cellularity sub-typeAuto-transplantation/frozen tissue31, 41 and 39 years91 WeeksOvarian function by hormonal assessment, ultrasound examination and follicular developmentFabbri et al. 2014 [28]
Prospective cohort10 women with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, sickle cell anemia, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Wegener’s granulomatosis, cerebral tumor, tubo-ovarian abscess, endometriosis, major-thalassemia, AML, sickle cell anemiaAuto and allo-transplantation/fresh and frozen tissue24–35 years2.5 yearsOvarian function analyzed by systemic levels of FSH, LH, inhibin B, E2, and AMHJanse et al. 2011 [29]
Retrospective cohort41 women with breast cancer, Mb. Hodgkin, non-Hodgkin, cervical cancer, aplastic anaemia, Ewing sarcoma, paroxysmal nocturnal, Haemoglobinuria sarcoma, Haemolytic uraemic syndrome, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, anal cancer and othersAuto-transplantation/frozen tissueMean age: 32.9 years10 yearsOvarian function and fertility outcomeJensen et al. 2015 [30]
Prospective cohortFive women presented with cervical cancer (3), breast cancer (1), and Hodgkin’s lymphoma (1)Auto-transplantation/frozen tissueMean age 317 yearsOvarian function by (FSH, LH, estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone, follicular growth by ultrasoundKim 2012 [31]
Retrospective cohortA woman at the age of 28 with B cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphomaAuto-transplantation/frozen tissueOne 31-year-old patient30 monthsOvarian activity by hormonal assay and follicular growthMeirow et al. 2007 [32]
Case reportA woman with mature cystic teratoma and underwent right salpingo-oophorectomyAuto-transplantation/frozen tissue34 years old4 years ongoingOvarian function by hormonal level and Doppler ultrasoundFabbri et al. 2018 [33]
Prospective cohort20 cancer survivors’ women with CML, Hodgkin’s, Breast cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Ewing’s sarcoma and AML developed into POFAuto-transplantation/frozen tissue22–45 years7 to 141 monthsEndocrine profile, IVF, pregnancies, live birthsMeirow et al. 2016 [34]
Prospective cohort10 pairs of identical twin sisters out of which one sister of each pair diagnosed with POF received ovarian transplants from other normal sister also another woman whom received her own cryopreserved ovarian tissue at the time of transplantationAuto and Allo-transplantation/fresh and frozen tissue24–40 years5 yearsMenstrual cycle, hormone levels, pregnancy, live birth, duration of transplant function, and ovarian tissue evaluationSilber et al. 2010 [35]
Prospective cohort17 infertile women with POIAuto-transplantation/frozen tissueNDNot reportedFollicle growth, serum estrogen level and IVF-embryo transferSuzuki et al. 2015 [36]
Retrospective cohortTwo patients with T cell lymphoma and Hodgkin lymphomaAuto-transplantation/frozen tissue24 and 22 years40 monthsOvarian function by FSH and AMH and pregnancyTanbo et al. 2015 [37]
Retrospective cohort38 women with hematologic neoplasia (17); with breast carcinoma (10); borderline ovarian cancer and tumor (4), anal cancer (3); premature ovarian failure (2); ovarian cancer (1) and cervical cancer (1)Auto-transplantation/frozen tissue27–44 years8 yearsOvarian function confirmed by hormonal analysis, onset of menstrual cycle or elevation of systemic levels of estradiolBeckmann et al. 2017 [38]
Case reportOne 24 years old patient with diagnose of Hodgkin’s disease stage ivAuto-transplantation/frozen tissue29 years267 daysFSH, LH, Follicle count and pregnancyDemeestere et al. 2006 [39]
Retrospective cohortEight women diagnosed with cancer followed by POF underwent ovarian tissue transplantation for fertilityAuto-transplantation/frozen tissue22–39 years7 yearsOvarian function and fertilityImbert et al. 2014 [40]
Case reportA woman at the age of 18 with acute severe pelvic painAuto-transplantation/frozen tissue28 years8 monthsSerum estradiol and FSH, follicular development and pregnancy outcomePovoa et al. 2016 [41]
Prospective cohort22 patients include 11 POF and 11 cancer patients with Hodgkins, brain cancer, MS, Blood Disorder, Synovial sarcoma and breast cancerAuto and allo-transplantation/fresh and frozen tissueNDIn 19 with over 1-year follow-up and in other 240 daysOvarian function by FSH, LH, estradiol, AMH, and menstrual cycleSilber et al. 2015 [11]
  1. AML acute myeloid leukemia ALL acute lymphoid leukemia CML chronic myeloid leukemia TBI total body irradiation BMT bone marrow transplantation, POF premature ovarian failure, POI premature ovarian insufficiency, HSCT hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, FSH follicle stimulating hormone, LH Luteinizing hormone; AMH anti-Mullerian hormone E2 estradiol ND not determined