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Table 3 Correlation between the expression of BZRAP1-AS1 and the clinical characteristics of HCC patients

From: Long non-coding RNA BZRAP1-AS1 silencing suppresses tumor angiogenesis in hepatocellular carcinoma by mediating THBS1 methylation

VariableBZRAP1-AS1 subgroup
LowHighp value
All cases2524 
Age, years, > 55:< 5512:1312:120.889
Gender, male/female19:0617:070.682
Liver cirrhosis, with/without18:0714:100.315
Tumor size, cm, > 5:< 54:2113:110.005*
Edmondson’s grade, I + II:III + IV16:0916:080.845
Microvascular invasion, present/absent3:229:150.038*
TNM stage, I:II:III18:05:029:07:080.027*
  1. Data are expressed as ratios. Median expression level was used as the cutoff. Low expression of BZRAP1-AS1 in 23 patients was classified as values below the 50th percentile. High BZRAP1-AS1 expression in 24 patients was classified as values at or above the 50th percentile.*p < 0.05