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Table 2 The target number of the upregulated and downregulated DE-miRNAs

From: Identification of potential miRNA–mRNA regulatory network contributing to pathogenesis of HBV-related HCC

Upregulated DE-miRNA Number Downregulated DE-miRNA Number
hsa-miR-93-5p 1220 hsa-let-7c-5p 516
hsa-miR-106b-5p 1091 hsa-miR-125b-5p 432
hsa-miR-21-5p 612 hsa-miR-99a-5p 133
hsa-miR-25-3p 518 hsa-miR-139-5p 105
hsa-miR-501-3p 69 hsa-miR-486-5p 67
Total 2312 Total 1175