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Table 2 CpG sites that change substantially during the first 10 years of life

From: Longitudinal genome-wide DNA methylation analysis uncovers persistent early-life DNA methylation changes

Name Location UCSC RefGene Name Location UCSC RefGene Name Location UCSC RefGene
cg13949829 Island MIR1225;PKD1 cg12024906 Island HKR1 cg07690222 Open Sea TMTC2
cg01323777 Island KCNAB3 cg23201812 Open Sea   cg05498680 Open Sea  
cg00002033 Island LRFN1 cg01654035 Open Sea   cg11047325 Island SOCS3
cg23669081 Island HOXB7 cg03853945 Open Sea   cg01331772 Open Sea  
cg17238334 Open Sea LOC102477328 cg18311495 Open Sea   cg16022195 S-Shore  
cg01511232 Island   cg26617011 Open Sea   cg03465600 Open Sea PARD3B
cg01577707 Open Sea MIR100HG cg03830443 S-Shore ZFPM2 cg22398226 N-Shore  
cg07547765 Island HOXB7 cg24199558 Open Sea   cg02920129 Open Sea ZNF385D
cg07061387 Open Sea CD200R1 cg12628061 Open Sea   cg13254363 Open Sea  
cg24348981 Open Sea   cg13420364 Open Sea   cg05346619 Open Sea  
cg13329407 Open Sea   cg18647570 Open Sea DHX8 cg10097598 Open Sea  
cg19567415 Open Sea TANC2 cg19509778 Island FOXI2 cg19076536 Open Sea