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Table 5 Top 50 predicted miRNAs associated with prostatic neoplasms based on known associations in HMDD

From: A novel semi-supervised model for miRNA-disease association prediction based on \(\ell_{1}\)-norm graph

Rank miRNA Evidence Rank miRNA Evidence
1 hsa-mir-155 I; II 26 hsa-mir-196a-2 I; II
2 hsa-mir-18a I; II 27 hsa-mir-429 Unconfirmed
3 hsa-mir-19a I; II 28 hsa-mir-199b I; II; III
4 hsa-mir-19b-1 I; II; III 29 hsa-mir-181b-2 I; II; III
5 hsa-let-7a-3 I; II; III 30 hsa-mir-150 I; II
6 hsa-let-7a-2 I; II; III 31 hsa-mir-138-2 II
7 hsa-mir-29c I; II; IV 32 hsa-mir-138-1 II
8 hsa-mir-9-1 I; II 33 hsa-mir-125a I; II; III
9 hsa-mir-181a-1 I; II; III 34 hsa-mir-24-1 I; II; III
10 hsa-mir-210 I; II; III 35 hsa-mir-30a I; II; III
11 hsa-mir-7-1 I; II; IV 36 hsa-mir-196a-1 I; II
12 hsa-mir-181a-2 I; II 37 hsa-mir-192 I
13 hsa-mir-9-2 I; II 38 hsa-mir-302b I; II
14 hsa-mir-9-3 I; II 39 hsa-mir-451a I
15 hsa-mir-10b I; II; III 40 hsa-mir-103a-2 I
16 hsa-mir-7-2 I; II; IV 41 hsa-mir-302a I; II; IV
17 hsa-mir-142 I; II 42 hsa-mir-20b I
18 hsa-let-7f-2 I; II; III 43 hsa-mir-18b I
19 hsa-let-7i I; II 44 hsa-mir-10a I; II; III
20 hsa-let-7e I; II 45 hsa-mir-302c I; II
21 hsa-let-7 g I; II; III 46 hsa-mir-24-2 I; II; III
22 hsa-mir-7-3 I; II; IV 47 hsa-mir-137 II
23 hsa-let-7f-1 I; II; III 48 hsa-mir-206 I; II
24 hsa-mir-218-2 I; II; III 49 hsa-mir-149 I; II; III
25 hsa-mir-19b-2 I; II; III 50 hsa-mir-135a-1 I; II; IV
  1. I, II, III and IV represent dbDEMC, PhenomiR, miR2Disease and miRwayDB, respectively