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Table 4 HLPMDA was implemented to predict potential lymphoma-related miRNAs based on the known miRNA-disease association from HMDD v1.0 and then the prediction results were checked up in HMDD v2.0, miR2Disease and dbDEMC database (left column: top 1–25; right column: top 26–50)

From: A heterogeneous label propagation approach to explore the potential associations between miRNA and disease

miRNA Evidence miRNA Evidence
hsa-mir-21 HMDD; dbDEMC hsa-mir-127 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-155 HMDD; dbDEMC hsa-mir-141 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-221 dbDEMC hsa-mir-199a dbDEMC
hsa-let-7a dbDEMC hsa-mir-29c HMDD; dbDEMC
hsa-mir-146a HMDD; dbDEMC hsa-mir-24 HMDD; dbDEMC
hsa-mir-125b Unconfirmed hsa-mir-146b Unconfirmed
hsa-mir-222 dbDEMC hsa-mir-200a HMDD; dbDEMC
hsa-mir-34a dbDEMC hsa-mir-143 dbDEMC
hsa-let-7b dbDEMC hsa-mir-181a HMDD; dbDEMC
hsa-let-7e dbDEMC hsa-mir-25 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-223 dbDEMC hsa-mir-150 HMDD; dbDEMC
hsa-let-7d dbDEMC hsa-mir-106a dbDEMC
hsa-mir-29b dbDEMC hsa-mir-125a HMDD; dbDEMC
hsa-mir-29a dbDEMC hsa-mir-373 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-145 dbDEMC hsa-mir-101 HMDD; dbDEMC
hsa-mir-9 dbDEMC hsa-mir-451 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-200b HMDD; dbDEMC hsa-mir-93 dbDEMC
hsa-let-7i dbDEMC hsa-mir-214 dbDEMC
hsa-let-7f dbDEMC hsa-mir-34c Unconfirmed
hsa-let-7c dbDEMC hsa-mir-34b dbDEMC
hsa-let-7 g dbDEMC hsa-mir-191 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-126 HMDD; dbDEMC hsa-mir-339 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-181b dbDEMC hsa-mir-194 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-106b dbDEMC hsa-mir-132 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-1 dbDEMC hsa-mir-429 Unconfirmed