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Fig. 5

From: Platycodin D inhibits platelet function and thrombus formation through inducing internalization of platelet glycoprotein receptors

Fig. 5

The effect of PD on mouse platelet aIIbb3 expression and function. Washed mouse platelets were treated with PD (20 μM) followed by measuring aIIb expression by flow cytometry (mean ± SD, n = 3) (a) and western blot (b). PD or vehicle-treated mouse platelets were infused into thrombocytopenic mice or wild-type mouse followed by measuring platelet count (c) and tail bleeding time (mean ± SD, n = 6) (d) or arterial thrombus formation (mean ± SD, n = 6) (e) respectively. Comparison between Vehicle and PD, **P < 0.01; Comparison between Control and Vehicle, ***P < 0.001. Control in d indicates platelet depleted mice without transfusing WT platelets

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