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Table 5 Docking results predicted through molecular operating environment by using three-dimensional structure of peptides against HLA-B7

From: Peptide vaccine against chikungunya virus: immuno-informatics combined with molecular docking approach

Serial no Peptide Docking score Interacting residues
1 VMHKKEVVL − 20.2086 Lys-243, Glu-232, Tyr-26, Tyr63, Thr-233, Thr-10
2 GTLKIQVSL − 19.6688 Ser-4, Arg-6, Thr-31, Asp102, Gln-32
3 LSVTLEPTL − 17.3569 His-3, Thr-31, Asp-102, Glu-180
4 LQISFSTAL − 14.5594 Arg-6, Glu-232, Thr-31