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Table 3 MHC class I peptides predicted through propred-I with their alleles and antigenicity scores

From: Peptide vaccine against chikungunya virus: immuno-informatics combined with molecular docking approach

Serial no Peptide MHC class I alleles Score
1 IFDNKGRVVAIVL HLA-B*3501. HLA-B*3701, HLA-B*5101, HLA-B*5103, HLA-B*5201, HLA-B*51, HLA-Cw*0401, MHC-Kd 1.106
2 PLVPRNAEL HLA-A2, HLA-A2.1, HLA-B8, HLA-Cw*0301 1.3876
3 VMHKKEVVL HLA-A2, HLA-A*0201, HLA-A*0205, HLA-A3, HLA-A2.1, HLA-B*2702, HLA-B*2705, HLA-B*3902, HLA-B*5301, HLA-B*51, HLA-B7, HLA-B*0702, HLA-B8, HLA-Cw*0401, MHC-Dd 1.0207
4 LSVTLEPTL HLA-A24, HLA-A2.1, HLA-B*3501, HLA-B*3902, HLA-B40, HLA-B*5301, HLA-B*51, HLA-B*5801, HLA-B60, HLA-B7, HLA-Cw*0301, HLA-Cw*0602, MHC-Db, MHC-Db revised, MHC-Kd, MHC-Ld 1.3989
5 TAECKDKNL HLA-A1, HLA-B*3801, HLA-B*3902, HLA-B*5101, HLA-B*5102, HLA-B*5103, HLA-B*5801, HLA-B60, HLA-B8, HLA-Cw*0602, MHC-Dd 1.6001
6 GTLKIQVSL HLA-A2, HLA-A*0205, HLA-B14, HLA-B*3701, HLA-B40, HLA-B*5801, HLA-B7, HLA-Cw*0301, HLA-Cw*0602, MHC-Db, MHC-Db revised, MHC-Kd 0.5303 
7 LQISFSTAL HLA-A2, HLA-A*0201, HLA-A*0205, HLA-A2.1, HLA-B14, HLA-B*2702, HLA-B*2705, HLA-B*3902. HLA-B40, HLA-B*5201, HLA-B*5301, HLA-B*51, HLA-B60, HLA-B62, HLA-B7, HLA-Cw*0301, HLA-Cw*0602, MHC-Db revised, MHC-Kd  0.6264